Soifer Family McDonald’s for Education

McTeacher’s Night

McTeacher’s Nights are a way for Soifer Family McDonald’s to give back to your school, sports teams, and other education focused organizations. Your team simply works the event for a couple hours, and we donate 20% of voucher sales and 100% of coupon sales back to you. The average night raises $800 or more. Email Emily at to get one set up for this fall!

Honorary Crew

Job readiness is an increasingly important skill to teach in schools, and we’re here to help out with that! Honorary Crew is a combination of an ‘engagementation’ from Marketing Manager Emily (like a presentation, but with prizes and lots of fun!) and an application process for students. The end result is two students working an evening in the McDonald’s closest to you. This is intended for sixth grade students; the presentation can take one or two class days and can be split between as many classes of students as needed. Email Emily at to get started.

FREE Teacher Incentive Coupons

Education is a group effort, and we realize that, like adults, students can be motivated with a little bit of McDonald’s. For this exact reason, we happily offer 17 different academic incentive coupons for teachers, administrators, paraeducators, and the like to utilize in school settings. Fill out our form, and we’ll send your requested incentives to the McDonald’s closest to you for pickup. Please limit incentive selections to five per submission.

A variety of incentives are available for educator use.

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